About the Area
"Genoa Bay is like a breath of fresh air in this sterile, denaturalized culture. It's a bit ramshackle and improvised, honest and eccentric - the way life ought to be. A rustic hideaway full of old wood sailboats, some of the last true individuals, genuinely good food and deafening silence. The kind of place...sailors, wooden boaters, romantics and intelligent sentimentalists hold close to their hearts" ~ Ferenc Mate', author "From a Bare Hull", "The World's Best Sailboats" and "The Hills of Tuscany".
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"This is a charming bay to visit when we aren't seeking total seclusion. We can drop anchor and relax, yet still indulge in people-watching. If we feel like stretching our legs, we hike the trail which leads from the marina up to Skinner Bluff and Mount Tzuhalem.

More often than not we opt to eat out when we visit here because the local restaurant (Genoa Bay Cafe) has a justified reputation for excellence."

Carolyn Ashmore Acs, "Gulf Island Day Trips", Pacific Yachting, July 2000, article (used with permission).

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The surrounding Cowichan Valley region is renowned for its community tourism, agriculture and eco-tourism activities. 

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